Photography: Self Portrait

Your assignment for the week is to create a self portrait.

Look at these following examples:

Using REFLECTIONS with camera in hand:


You can use objects that you feel “define” you or your interests (above).


You can use really small items such as ball bearings or marbles for an effective self portrait – depending on how you position your reflector! (above and below)

Escher Self Portrait

Use objects already positioned around you and set the timer to your camera. The trick is to avoid including the camera in your shot (above). Car mirrors are another great object to use.

Self portraits using COMPUTER SOFTWARE:


You can create a collage of different views (notice you cannot see her face above) or a collage with different objects of value to you. And, as above, it is alright to include shots upside-down.


A person can paste multiple shots together within the same image. Notice you cannot see the camera in the photo above.


You can also hold objects or pictures up to your face to represent a different mood (see above). At Nana Cardoon’s, one student took a picture of me when I held a giant cabbage in front of my head (below).


The woman photographer (below) created a surreal effect by holding two fish – do you notice that the eyes of the fish are right where the eyes of the photographer are?!



Be sure to create a contrast in your photo. You can do this by isolating the color and making the rest of the picture black and white (as above).

Your Assignment:

Create 2 professional quality images for your self portraits. One must be a reflection and another must be using computer software to edit. Also, one of these must have the camera hidden from view in your image. Don’t forget to check out the timer setting on your camera!!!

DUE: Monday, April 26th

Also, be sure to update your blog for Nana Cardoon’s from last week.

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